To download the installation file CLICK HERE. 

  Scroll down to see change history.

ALERT!!!!  If you are now running a level less than 32.9 scroll down to see the 32.9 changes.


WARNING:  Strongly suggest that you save the whole BUUTHILL directory from the Progam Files directory if it currently exists.  If for some reason, the install of the new level fails, you can copy the old BUUTHILL directory back.  You can remove this back up directory once you have checked out the new install.

 iIf you currently have a version of BUUTHILL installed, uninstall it before installing this version.  Also, if you are currently running level less than 30, contact buuthill support.



1. A message box warning that one or more files on your computer are more current than the ones on the install disk, asking if you want to keep those on your computer.  You should press the button that says, Yes.

2.  A message box saying there was a fatal error.  I do not know what happens or why but in the 2 incidents where it happened, I just hit ignore and the install finished ok.


Hit the Start button on the lower left corner of your desktop and select program files from the resulting menus.  Select the entry BUUTHILL.  Another submenu appears with BUUTHILL as the only entry in it.  Click this entry to start the program

A file open dialog box will appear showing the databases you may open.  If this is the first install of BUUTHILL on this computer, the only file available will be sample.cmf. In any case select that one and hit open.  The sample database will be opened and you will see a picture of a cemetery.


See the  Getting Started manual



LEVEL 32.18

Fix problem where web build was not picking up final record in the database

LEVEL 32.16 

Allow all sites to generate web pages

LEVEL 32.15 

Corrected erroneous display of  buuthill administrator on the map in the sexton's place.  Also fixed namimg of single Map index

LEVEL 32.14 

Allow memo on web site. 

LEVEL 32.12 

Enabled ameryem to do web upload build and upload. 

LVEL 32.11 

Added ability to do jpg compression to pictures making database amaller and internet upload/download faster
Added capability to zip and unzip database backup folders to allow emailing of backups.

LEVEL 32.10 

Fixed a bug that caused program error when trying to update a picture that did not exist. 

LEVEL 32.9 

The method for backup and restore has changed in level 32.9 and above..  the old method created a backup by creating a .cbu file but also created a separate directory called BUUTHILLPICS to contain all pictures if they existed.  

This creates a problem if you do not use a usb chip to back up and restore.  If you decide to email the backup or use some other method, the pictures will be lost unless you do another set of confusing steps.  This change alleviates those extra steps.  

The change will be to create one folder called xxxxx-bkup that contains both the backup file and the pictures.  This will allow those who do not use a usb chip to transfer from compiter to computer by copying the whole folder using whatever means they wish..

 Those who use the usb chip will not do anything different than before.

 In either case you will see different type of names in the backup=restore process.

You must also be sure that all computers using this new process are on level 32.9 or later.  You can not create a backup on the old level and use it on the new level or vice versa.