The base price will be $700 

This will cover cemeteries of 1200 graves or less.  Larger cemetery prices are negotiable

If you have an xcel or xcel compatible database all names will be added to the new

     database at no charge.  Otherwise, you must enter them.

If your lot has haphazard lot sizes and positions, there may be an extra charge.

If you wish we will post your cemetery on our buuthill web site for $100


What does the buyer get?

Free download from BUUTHILL web site which includes


         Getting started manual

         Help file

         Sample database

Free conversion from most existing electronic databases.

Telephone training.

Telephone or email help for 6 months

Cemetery layout and corrections for 6 months

First wall chart..

Additional support

Download and install

On site help                          40 cents per mile plus $25/hr

First wall chart..                   $35

Additional wall charts           $15 

Putting your site on the web  $100/yr

Total maintenance of changes to your cemetery $100/yr

Purchase process

Read the first part of the Getting Started manual from the buuthill.com web site.

lDownload and install the program from web site buuthill.com

         Familiarize yourself with the program by following the remainder of the Getting Started manual 

Contact buuthill personnel to discuss cemetery design,  layout,and  any extra costs.

All free until now.

Send $300 to buuthill personnel.

Buuthill personnel will do a partial design and map and send you the configuration and a map..

Send remainder of agreed price  to buuthill personnel and the full cemetery configuration will be returned.

A jpg file of the map will also be returned.

If they agreed to import your current database, that will also be there.